about us photo with cupcakes 

Peace Of Cake was established in 2010 by 14 year old Lauren Hugh.  It was originally called L.A. Bakery, and was a way for Lauren to save up money for college doing something that she loved.  Lauren has always had a love for baking and cooking.  Her mother started her off young providing her with all the skills needed to bake on her own.  The inspiration to make tasty little cakes came from many hours of watching Food Network and Ace of Cakes.  She even taught herself how to make cake pops and frost cupcakes on the internet.

Peace Of Cake's goal is to make the most flavorful cupcakes and cake pops from scratch that people want to eat.  We also pride ourselves on the presentation of all of our cupcakes; not only will they taste great, but they will look just as delicious.  Our team consists primarily of Lauren with occasional help from her mom Patty for larger orders.  We get the word out through Facebook and by word of mouth, so make sure to tell your friends and family!

Please keep us in mind for birthdays, graduation parties, or any other event!